Story of iLiv Wear

Where we live and/or where we consider ourselves to be from is rooted in our culture. How we describe where we live is tied directly to how we share our own stories. In some communities there is little to no reference to the "part of town" where we live. In others, where we live is deeply rooted in who we are.

Enter, iLiv Wear. Express your community. 

The idea for our store concept has been on the back burner and came from an entrepreneurial ember that has been burning for a while now. Like many of us, we found ourselves reflecting a lot during the pandemic and thinking about what else we would like to do in addition to our rewarding and often demanding careers. 

Settling on our product line concept was the easiest part. We have each lived in different communities where locals can be highly passionate about what part of town they live in or are from. We also realized local reference to community extends well beyond our own home town and a sense of community is often more than within the formal name of your community.

What started as a quirky thought in June 2020 evolved to this online shopping experience for you.

Whether you consider yourself an East Sider, North Ender, West Coaster or any other point in-between, we have something for you. Choose from our over 20 collections illustrating where you live or where you are from in a wide variety of options, sizes and colours.

Are we missing something? Is there a local reference to your community you would like us to consider including? Please feel free to reach out to us at